NERO Las Vegas LarpZone
(All of the following are subject to change without notice)

Twice Each month, 50 goblins may be turned in for 1 goblin blanket per character, max.
Each month, up to 100 goblins may be turned in for 10 gold, at 1 silver per goblin point, max, per player.
Each goblin point earned may be converted for 1 production point, to create an LCO (Local Chapter Only) potion, scroll, trap, alchemy, weapon or armor. The LCO status is also marked as goblin production. This allows them to be used here and at any other chapter that may, as their choice, allow such items. There is no limit on the creation of these items. These items are of a maximum 3-month duration.
Goblins may be spent on LCO components! These components may be used for cantrips or for magic item creation. Each type of component costs a different amount of goblin points, and those costs are apt to change throughout the year based on demand. These items are of a maximum 3-month duration. There is no limit on the amount of components you may trade for in a given month. As a reminder, please remember that the use of any LCO component makes the item LCO, and that LCO components cannot be used in certain formal magics.
Goblin points are never transferable, and stay with the player who earned them. Goblin points never expire while a LarpZone membership is current, however they do expire 6 months after a LarpZone membership has expired and has not been renewed. Goblin points can never be reinstated.
Items may be created and traded with any player or character. No force on Tyrra or Akliceium may extend the expiration of items as listed above.