LIST OF POLICIES for Players - 2015

The following list of policies have been clarified and are applicable for 2008 and beyond. These include past policies still in force and additional policies added for this year. All policies are subject to be changed, added, or deleted at the sole discretion of NERO Las Vegas.

**> Yellow, Red, Black - Card System: Each staff member may give a player a yellow, red or black card during a game. Similar to the system used in the game of Soccer, instructions following any safety or rule issue will follow given by Staff. For additional information, please see any Staff member during a game.

**> 5 Year cutoff to restart any character from archive: This policy, applicable to NERO Las Vegas only, allows a a player who has not played ANY NERO International chapter since ceasing play at NERO Las Vegas, to restart and receive a rewrite of an archived character. This courtesy is only applicable for 5 years from the date of the last game played.

**> Practice and Training for all new players prior to game play: New players must attend a player training class, conducted by a NERO Las Vegas appointed trainer. Currently, they are all members of Plot.

**> Timed Mods, Timed Hooks, Strict Scheduling: To reiterate the feelings of NERO Las Vegas Plot - Mods may have time limits. Opportunites may come and go if not acted upon. Schedules, such as game start and end times, are meant to be followed on time.